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Bulk Mail is the general term for mailings of 200 or more pieces at substantial postage savings. There are a number of critical steps, and stringent USPS requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the deep postage discounts. Most of the University's bulk mailings qualify to be mailed under the nonprofit classification. Because overall size, weight, and mail panel design are critical to receiving the postage discount, it is a good idea to consult with one of our professionals prior to the submission of your project.

Helping you save on postage

Nonprofit postage is some of the lowest available and can substantially reduce the overall cost of your print and mail project. With just a few recommendations from us, postage can be a fraction of what First Class mail would be. As we sort, barcode, validate addresses, and check your mail list for updates, we can take care of those USPS steps with you benefiting with the lowest postage available.


  • We maintain the University of Oregon mailing Permit 63; all departments at the University can mail under this permit through us.
  • Verify that each name and address that we mail is current according to the USPS database (National Change of Address - NCOA); you will not pay for postage for a piece that can not be delivered.
  • Verify that the address we are mailing does exist (Delivery Point Validation - DPV).
  • Remove duplicate address to save on postage costs upon request.
  • Return the undeliverable addresses and those addresses that have been updated through the NCOA and DPV process upon request.
  • We are able to fold, insert, and address your printed piece, and deliver to the post office daily.

What we need from you

Need Additional Information? Please have a look at our Bulk Mail Distribution Guideline pages.

Mail List Guidelines

Bulk Mail Distribution Guidelines

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