Campus Mail

Mailing Duck

A Unit of Printing and Mailing Services...

Campus Mail is supported by the University's general fund. We are responsible for the pick-up and delivery of USPS and interdepartmental mail for University departments in a timely and efficient manner. We also provide outgoing domestic and international FedEx and UPS shipments for all departments. All mail and shipments sent through Mail Services must be University related business only. With a twice daily pick up schedule, we can quickly deliver any departmental campus mailing that you may have, including any package or envelope that needs to be sent through the State Shuttle Service. 

Services we provide...

  • Pickup & delivery of interdepartmental campus mail twice daily.
  • Metering of outgoing USPS departmental mail.
  • FedEx shipping.
  • UPS shipping.
  • Pickup & delivery of State Shuttle mail.
  • Provide departments with +4 mailing addresses.
  • Mail & Shipping supplies.

Have questions? Contact Mail Services at 541-346-3130 |