Campus Mail Distribution List

We provide the most complete and...

Up-to-date Campus Mail lists of the departments on campus. Any department wishing to do a campus-wide mailing has the ability to use these lists for University-related business. We can distribute items we have printed for you, or items that you provide. 

All of the Campus Mail lists are sent to each of the 216 departments with the appropriate counts listed in our database for that chosen group. For example, if you select the Faculty list to send an item to, the departments would receive enough items to be distributed to each Faculty member in their department. The individual faculty members names are not printed on each item, just enough for the department to distribute to each Faculty member.

Each mailing in this group will have the group name of the recipients (e.g. Faculty) and the Department name.

DDDH (Deans, Directors and Department Heads) is the only list that has specific names on each item.

Everyone Short List will send 3 items to each of the 216 departments on campus.

Up to date as of April 2017

Faculty List    1696
Officers of Administration List   1230
Classified Employees List   1362
Faculty & Staff List Without GTFs   4248
Graduate Teaching Fellows List   1623
Everyone List With GTFs   5871
Deans, Directors & Department Heads   469
Everyone Short List    648

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