Campus USPS Services

U of O Duck Holding Mail SignCampus Mail is here to take care of the university's USPS mail needs. Campus Mail will find the quickest and most economical way to send out your letters, flats or parcels, and you get to take advantage of the university's presort postage discount. No more hassling with stamps, waiting in lines or filling out arcane USPS forms, we do it for you. 

Campus Mail USPS Guidelines:

  • Mail must have a University return address on it
  • Separate international from domestic mail. Please use a colored or highlighted mail order form for International mail.
  • Attach a mail services order form, include an index to charge mail costs to. Barcoded forms are available from Campus Mail, email for more information.
  • Put outgoing mail in your campus mail pickup box and our drivers will bring it in for processing.
  • If you miss a mail pickup you may bring it down to Printing and Mailing at the Baker Downtown Center by 3:00p.m. and we can process it for you.
  • If you have large packages, please contact us so we can prepare our drivers.

 For more information on USPS services offered through campus mail please visit the following pages:


Have questions or need advice? Contact us at 541-346-3130 |