Creating a Course Packet

 Creating a course packet is as easy as one, two, three!

Step 1 If your packet contains copyrighted material, send us a list of the items you want to use and we can get started on obtaining needed permissions.  We will keep you updated throughout the permissions process.

 Step 2 Provide us with the originals. The final quality of the packet depends on the originals you provide.  Please provide us with the actual books or 1st generation copies whenever possible. 

 Step 3 Fill out the course packet order form and either email or turn it in with your originals.

 We do the rest

  • We research and obtain copyright permissions for your course packet so that intellectual property is protected.
  • We scan the originals; cleanup and center pages and generate a front cover with a barcode. 
  • We produce the copies, bind and deliver them to The Duck Store.
  • We keep the digital copy in our archives, making future use of the material even easier.

Drop off your originals at Campus Copy in the EMU, Kati’s office in the Baker Downtown Center, or put them in Campus Mail to Kati Kronholm, Copyright Clearance Office.  You can email digital copies to

Other helpful hints

  • To ensure the packet is ready for your students before classes begin, turn in your packet at least 3 weeks before the start of the quarter.
  • Enrollment increases?  We can produce additional copies of course packets within 24 hour anytime during the quarter.
  • We can incorporate color copies, tabs or divider pages, even cds or dvds.
  • You choose the binding: staple, 3 hole punch, comb bind, coil bind, and perfect binding.
  • We are extremely flexible in tailoring educational materials to meet your needs and benefitting your students.  No course packet is too big or too small!