Mailing Services


Guidelines for UPS ShippingUPS Duck

  • Please attach a UPS order form with your shipment.
  • All UPS shipments must be received at campus mail by 3:15pm.
  • Please include a department name and index on all packages.
  • UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes.

Campus USPS Services

U of O Duck Holding Mail SignCampus Mail is here to take care of the university's USPS mail needs. Campus Mail will find the quickest and most economical way to send out your letters, flats or parcels, and you get to take advantage of the university's presort postage discount. No more hassling with stamps, waiting in lines or filling out arcane USPS forms, we do it for you. 

State Shuttle Service

Need to get mail to another state agency?

  • The State of Oregon Publishing & Distribution has a shuttle and delivery service that is offered to state agencies located in cities along the I-5 corridor.  Services include pick-up and delivery of interagency mail. 
  • If your mail is received by campus mail before 11:00 A.M. it will be delivered to the agency the next day.  If it is picked up after 11:00 A.M. it will be delivered in two days. 

Sort Box Order

Campus Mail receives a large volume of mail each day. Our goal is to have your mail out in the next mail run. The following is a list of our departments in Sort Box Order.  For large mailings, please sort your lists in order from low to high in numerical order. 


Box               Department

UO Addresses

Please include the following in your address:
EUGENE OR 97403-(last four digits)

For more information, please contact University of Oregon Mailing Services at 541-346-3130.


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