Fleet Copier and Managed Printer Program

 Announcing the University's New Fleet Copier Program


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The Fleet Copier and Managed Printer Program provides University of Oregon departments, campus-wide, contracted, premium multifunction copier and printer units, that include the following:

  • Extremely cost effective pricing plans
  • Highly trained on-campus technicians
  • Unlimited service calls allowed
  • Unlimited training requests
  • All parts and supplies, including toner are provided - Does not include paper
  • Fast 4-hour response commitment
  • All necessary support, installation and management necessary
  • Used toner and waste toner cartridges are recycled - just fill out a service request above for a CTX technician to come pick them up.  Zero Waste no longer provides this service.  

Digital multifunction devices (MFD) combine copy, print, fax and scanning functions into a single device. The Fleet Copier and Managed Printer Program offers a variety of Kyocera, HP and Xerox models to choose from. This way, you can select the right features for your department's environment. Industry standard connectivity allows for easy network integration. Desktop and floor models accommodate both personal or departmental needs.

Why a Fleet Copier and Managed Printer Program?
Print Service strives to deliver superior print solutions that are optimized to the needs of our faculty, students and staff. The Fleet Copier and Managed Printer Program incorporates the latest print technologies and superior services, while delivering significant efficiencies in cost savings, environmental impact and productivity improvement to the university. For more information about the Managed Printer Program visit the PCS Managed Print Services page at https://pcs.uoregon.edu/managed-print-services-mps.

What Do I Have to Do?
Print Service manages the program, advising departments on the best solution for their documented usage, monitors all meter readings, checks all invoices for accuracy, pays the master invoices, bills back departments internally, and coordinates service calls and preventive maintenance with vendor service technicians, through our website.

How Do I Get Started With the Program?
We recommend you contact us and have one of our knowledgeable consultants visit with you about the different models and components of the program. To do this, simply click the button above to get started.

 If you do not see your question addressed here please email us at copiermanagement@uoregon.edu or call us at 541-346-3794.