Folding Examples

Printing & Mailing Services offers printed brochures in several different sizes and folded several different ways. The following guide explains the different folds we offer and what you need to know about folding before laying out your folded brochure design.

Half Fold

Most common type of fold. 

Roll Fold

Panels fold in on each other. Each panel, from the outside in must be successively smaller to allow for the paper thickness.

Gate Fold

Two end panels fold inward, then folds again vertically down center of page.

Parallel Fold

This type of fold requires the finished piece to be folded in half, then in half again – final folded size is one quarter the original width by the same height.

Letter Fold

A common layout is the three-panel, two fold brochure. Most common fold for inserting into a mailing. 

Z Fold

Panels fold on top of each other like an accordion. The resulting brochure can be unfolded and laid flat to be read from side to side.